Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls

When a baby is on the way, or has just arrived, those closest to the newly proud parents will often wish to show their congratulations with a gift. But if you’re not used to buying for babies, and you haven’t the first clue where to start, you might be left wondering whether you should just admit defeat and turn up empty handed.

But there is never a time in a person’s life when gifts are more wholly appreciated than when they’ve just brought a new person into the world. Those early days are full of love and wonder, but they are also tough. New parents are likely to be incredibly sleep-deprived, not to mention physically exerted and drained from the birth.

In the weeks leading up to and after the birth, parents usually need all the help they can get. While popping round to do the washing up or help with food shopping is great, a little something to show them you care will never go unappreciated – whether this is a present for the mother, the baby, or for the whole family to treasure.

Those gifts presented in the early days of a child’s life are somewhat of a tradition. A personalised bib or photo frame will never go out of style, and are likely to be treasured for years to come, much in the way that you or your parents may hang on to items you were given as a baby.

But don’t let that pressure you. You don’t have to have a silver spoon beautifully engraved with the child’s name, you could just as easily order a personalised blanket or sleep suit, or even a teddy bear they can cuddle.

If you want to make sure you don’t buy something similar to someone else, it’s worth asking the parents if they have a gift list registered anywhere. Some sites will offer this facility, with links leading to separate websites so you can make individual purchases. This is a perfect way to solve your problem if you’re unsure what to buy.

Still, everyone likes surprises. And even the most organised of new or expectant parents will appreciate the thought that has gone into a personalised gift. You could even buy them something they will be able to use when they are older – such as a personalised, silver moneybox in the shape of a carrousel, train or other whimsical item.

If you decide to buy clothes for the new arrival, you may come unstuck when it comes to choosing a size. There are so many to choose from – 7lbs to 9lbs, 10lbs to 12lbs – how can you know what size the baby will be? But don’t panic, your best bet is to go for a more general size, such as 0-3 months. This way, you know the little one will have some growing room if she is small.

If you would rather opt for something more functional, you could purchase a ‘nappy cake’ online; these aren’t as unappetising as their name suggests – in fact, they aren’t cakes at all. Nappy cakes are made from a series of essential baby items, such as towels, blankets and muslins, all wrapped up to look like a cake.

There are nappies inside, of course, so it’s best to make sure these come in a newborn size so that the parents will be able to use them straight away. The top of the ‘cake’ is usually finished with a pair of booties, a teddy or a cute little hat. Along the same theme, there are also sock ‘cupcakes’ and flower arrangements that look cute and are also useful.

So, however well versed you are in babies, there will be something for everyone. Start by looking online for newborn gift suppliers, and you’ll be amazed by the ideas you come across.